About Us:

StarPics Photo is a picture agency specializing in the entertainment industry in Los Angeles and Southern California. We cater to print and online publications, and we primarily syndicate our images through other larger photo agencies. Since May 2011, all images found on this site are syndicated through either Getty Images, WireImage, or Film Magic agencies. All images prior to May 2011 were syndicated through PRPhotos.com or Shutterstock.com. The advantage of being small is that we can make sure that the quality of our photos is very high, the price is negotiable, and the service is personal. If you would like to license one of our photos, or if you would like us to cover one of your events, please email our assignment editor Susan Aminnia at Susan.Aminnia@StarPicsToday.com.

For events that we are not able to attend, please go to GettyImages.com to find the content you are looking for.